In 1988 architect Lelde Sterna graduated RPI’s Architecture and Constructionfaculty’s Architecture department. In 1992 received certificate for architecturalpractice Nr.10-0398. 1988-1992 was an Architect in architectural institute "Laukuprojects". 1992-1998 worked in National cultural heritage protection inspection asArchitecture and Art department specialist, meanwhile started a private practice. 1998-2003 architect in Ltd "MAN-TESS". 2001-2003 worked in Ltd "Andris" as an architect. From 2003 starts private practice, cooperation agreements withconstruction companies. Award-winning participation in architectural design contests - "High school ofBaldone" in 1990 together with architect Laimonis Tikmanis, "Elementaryschool with kindergarten and swimming pool" in 1991 together with architect Elita Pirktina and in 2011 in landscape architecture design competition "Priežu mežs "TAKAS". Participated in international exhibition "House 1".

Designed and reconstructed individual residential buildings, apartment buildings, re-planned apartments, designed cafes in Riga, guest house/camping site inAizkraukles region Klintaine, guest house in Liepajas region "Tireli", economichangar in Ogres region "Norupes", agricultural machinery’s exhibition and servicebuilding in Jelgavas region Cenu parish "Jaunberzi", re-planned hospital in Jelgava, reconstructed doctors office and designed office building in Dobele, as well as replanned office and public spaces.

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